About Us

Rooted in pan-African perspectives,
Borderlands is an agile space concerned with issues of environment, conflict and repair. Borderlands uses exhibitions, events, and research to foster critical inquiry and activism. Our gallery is a form of sustainable action. Our space connects collectors and institutions to social and environmentally engaged artists. All our engagements come in form of collaborations that directly impact migration & climate crisis. Through our work we resist systems of erasure that sideline indigenous forms of creativity.

Over time we aim to build an accessible archive of provenance and practice. Our transdisciplinary approach seeks to inform discourses both within and outside the arts.


– Art Advisory

– Exhibition Consulting

– Research & Facilitation

Dr Helga Rainer

Helga Rainer, Ph.D

Dr Kara Blackmore

Kara Blackmore, Ph.D

Dr Helga Rainer and Dr Kara Blackmore have come together as aligned allies in environmental and social practice. They bring more than 35 years of combined experience in a breadth of disciplines and approaches that encompass ecology, economics, justice, conflict, education, arts, and heritage. Through their work they have contributed to numerous dialogues at various scales that have shifted how the environment and society is perceived. Helga and Kara aim to continue to catalyse important conversations by leveraging the power of the visual arts. They are building Borderlands with an ethos of openness that fosters meaningful collaborations, and contributes to community building. They believe their transdisciplinary approach will have ripple effects far beyond their beginnings in Uganda.