Charity Atukunda

Born in Rukungiri, Uganda in 1988, Charity Atukunda’s artistic journey transcends borders and embraces cultural shifts. Following her family’s relocation to the United States, she immersed herself in the visual fine arts, graphic novels, and animations, weaving these diverse influences into her artistic tapestry. Returning to Uganda in 2008 sparked a profound process of decolonization and self-deconstruction, igniting Atukunda’s exploration of history and personal identity.

Atukunda’s artistic expression serves as both a reflection and an escape—an exploration of history to contextualize her own experiences and a rejection of exotic stereotypes associated with being ‘African’ or a ‘black woman’. Her distinctive style is characterized by a deliberate use of pattern, symbolism, and mythical allusions, inviting viewers into a realm of introspection and discovery.

In her creative process, Atukunda delves deep into research, challenging established narratives and unraveling historical truths. This journey of excavation mirrors her personal evolution—a path of deconstruction and self-education that shapes both her art and her identity. Through her work, Atukunda invites audiences to join her on this transformative exploration of self and history.

Gal Dem, 2020 – 2021


Selected Works


  • July 2014 & August 2016 | Sadolin Mabarti Challenge, Goethe Zentrum Kampala- Kampala Uganda
  • September – October 2016 | Seven Hills: Kampala Art Biennale, Nommo Gallery – Kampala Uganda
  • September 2017 | Palate II, 32 Degrees East & Alliance Francaise Kampala – Kampala, Uganda
  • July 2019 | Politics of Return, London School of Economics – Gulu, Uganda
  • September 2020 | East Meets East , Cucodi Centre – Tel Aviv, Israel
  • November 2021 | The Transients, Kampala Arts Festival – Kampala, Uganda
  • May 2023 | Shape of Water, Afriart Gallery – Kampala, Uganda

Artist Portfolio