Gloria Kiconco

Gloria Kiconco is a multifaceted artist — a poet, essayist, and zine-maker, hailing from Kampala, Uganda.

She embarks on a creative journey, self-publishing her evocative work through spoken word performances, readings, and audio-visual collaborations with music producers.

Notably, Gloria was among the first trio of Writers-in-Residence (2019) with Goethe Institut Burkina Faso, marking a pivotal moment in her artistic trajectory. Her artistic prowess extends to crafting diverse zines, including SOLD OUT (2016) and RETURN TO SENDER (2018), a collaborative endeavor with illustrator Liz Kobusinge, blending zine, illustration exhibition, and spoken word showcase. In 2020, she furthered her artistic exploration through the residency program with Cratér Invertido in Mexico City, Mexico, resulting in the creation of You Are Lost, You Are Here X. Most recently, her latest collection, Tunnel of Delight, made its debut at the KLA ART Festival in October 2021, captivating audiences with its depth and resonance.

Adding to her accolades, Gloria served as the inaugural poet-in-residence at the Poetry Library, Manchester Metropolitan University, in Jan/Feb 2023. Her residency showcased her zine projects spanning from 2016 to 2021, exhibited in the solo presentation titled Questioning the Form. This exhibition not only highlighted Gloria’s artistic journey but also underscored her commitment to conducting zine workshops with marginalized communities, elevating voices often unheard in conventional spaces.

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